Space Walk 3D

Explore the solar system with this KaiOS app. Space Walk 3D is a solar system exploration app that enables you to visit all the known planets of our solar system. …

Airship Combat 3D

Airship Combat 3D

How far can you go on a smart feature phone? That’s what I’m going to find out with this 3D game for KaiOS, utilizing the amazing WebGL game engine ThreeJS. …

Scrolling Terrain

Another web app sample with ThreeJS integration. Primarily for KaiOS, however the concept can be adapted for any platform. It showcases a technique for creating an endlessly scrolling terrain without …

KaiOS sample project

Building app for a new platform is always a struggle. To help new developers out, I have built an easy to use KaiOS app as a starting point for your …


K-Loan is an amortization calculator, that let’s you keep track of your loans. It is a web-app for KaiOS and available through the KaiStore.


Car wheel size calculation & comparison. Developed for KaiOS and Android.Currently, available on Android.

Axe & Bow – Tic Tac Toe

Turn-based TicTacToe game with battle mechanics. Play with a friend on a single device or fight the AI. It is a web-app for KaiOS and available through the KaiStore.

Harvester of Dreams : Episode 1

Harvester of Dreams is my personal first person adventure game.It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android (NVidia SHIELD). Harvester of Dreams is a first person adventure game, taking …