Airship Combat 3D – Online

Airship Combat 3D comes with an online multiplayer mode. The current state of the online mode is running well so far. Features and improvements are being added continuously. I’m currently …

Space Walk 3D

Explore the solar system with this KaiOS app. Space Walk 3D is a solar system exploration app that enables you to visit all the known planets of our solar system. …

Airship Combat 3D

Airship Combat 3D

How far can you go on a smart feature phone? That’s what I’m going to find out with this 3D game for KaiOS, utilizing the amazing WebGL game engine ThreeJS. …

Scrolling Terrain

Another web app sample with ThreeJS integration. Primarily for KaiOS, however the concept can be adapted for any platform. It showcases a technique for creating an endlessly scrolling terrain without …

KaiOS sample project

Building app for a new platform is always a struggle. To help new developers out, I have built an easy to use KaiOS app as a starting point for your …


K-Loan is an amortization calculator, that let’s you keep track of your loans. It is a web-app for KaiOS and available through the KaiStore.


Car wheel size calculation & comparison. Developed for KaiOS and Android.Currently, available on Android.

Axe & Bow – Tic Tac Toe

Turn-based TicTacToe game with battle mechanics. Play with a friend on a single device or fight the AI. It is a web-app for KaiOS and available through the KaiStore.